noteCorrobo offers review services helping you proofread and vet your communication. We call it communication corroboration. Whether it’s a business plan, a website, a newsletter, a presentation deck, a résumé, a press release, an important email, or even a LinkedIn profile, Corrobo can help! It’s way more than just spell and grammar check! We check the tone, we check to see if anything is missing, and we make sure your communication comes off the way you intend it to. Responses within 24 hours are the standard, but you can get it faster if needed.

Working on a startup and need some advice on your pitch, business plan, executive summary, etc? That’s our specialty! In fact, we offer up to 2 hours of free service every month to companies that incorporated fewer than 2 years ago. Yes, we’ll sign an NDA and keep you in stealth mode if needed.

Have a small nonprofit (income less than $50k/year) that could use our help? We know budgets are super tight, so we donate up to 2 hours of free service every month to you as well. We offer another set of eyes to make sure you are presenting yourself and your company the way you want to be.

All you have to do to get started is sign up for free!