The easy answer is that we charge $39/hr for a normal 24 hour response time and $49/hr if you need a response within 8 business hours. Business hours are 8am to 8pm Central, so if you submit a document after noon, it will be reviewed by the next morning. On a per word basis, that breaks down to about 2.5 cents per word for regular response time and 3 cents per word for rapid response.

Are you working on a startup? Bootstrapping means stretching every dollar as far as they can go. We’re passionate about startups succeeding, so we offer 2 hours of free service for any business that incorporated no more than 2 years ago. After you use your 2 free hours each month, you get a 10% discount on extra hours used.

Serving a small nonprofit? If the revenue is less than $50k/year (aka, filing a 990-N e-Postcard with the IRS), we offer 2 hours of free service. We get that budgets are tight and that you want every dollar possible to go to your cause. Anything over 2 hours per month is at a 10% discount because we appreciate what you’re doing.

Sound good? Signing up for an account is free, so let’s go!